A Leader in Healthcare

Our hospitals feature state-of-the-art technology and pioneer new medical procedures every day, with a focus on providing excellent care that is convenient and accessible. As part of HCA, we lead the industry in "putting patients first." In 1999, our company began a process of implementing technology that improves patient outcomes and reduces medication errors. We were one of the first health systems in the nation to roll out eMar-Electronic Medication Administration Record-using barcode technology to ensure the accuracy in medication administration. Our focus on patient safety and quality is grounded in evidence-based medicine and is delivering better outcomes for our patients.

Advantages of Being Part of our Health System

Across the country there is a continuing increase in the cost and complexity associated with healthcare delivery. As a health system, Parkridge Health System delivers the very best in shared strengths, knowledge, and resources by sharing best practices in quality care and gaining cost efficiencies.

The system approach is more favorable than the cost of working alone or independently. Whether it is technology, improving wait times in our Emergency Departments, focusing on Chest Pain and Cancer Care of our consolidated patient account services, Parkridge Health System continues to implement ways to provide our employees and physicians with the tools they need to continue providing excellent patient care for the communities we serve.