(NASHVILLE, TN-March 15, 2012)- Skyline Madison Campus, part of TriStar Behavioral Health, has recently been granted a Certificate of Need (CON) to increase their adolescent services from a 10 to 21-bed unit.

“There is a tremendous need for adolescent behavioral health services in our community,” says Skyline Madison Campus Chief Operating Officer Jill Howard. “Prior to the approval of the additional beds, there were only 42 beds in the Nashville and surrounding counties to serve adolescents—and these beds are often full. As a result, adolescents and their families have been forced to delay treatment or seek treatment as far away as Chattanooga or Knoxville.”

The CON will allow the expansion to divide the beds into three separate treatment units for children ages 13 to 18 with acute behavioral issues. All patients will be admitted into the Clinical Decision unit (CDU), where they will be stabilized and assessed. After a 24-48 hour stay in the CDU, patients are sent to one of the other two units—either to the 11 bed general behavioral health unit or the 6 bed Acute Behavioral Unit (ABU), which is designed for adolescents with disorders like (mild) Aspergers or Autism. Skyline Madison will be the only behavioral health hospital in the Nashville region that has the ability to separate patients based on their clinical needs, according to Howard.

In addition to treating disorders such as mild Autism and Asperger’s, Howard says the program will also focus on these essential behavioral health services; continuous comprehensive assessment and treatment planning, psychiatric and medical care, crisis stabilization and intensive treatment, activity of daily living care and maintenance, patient and family education, medication education, illness management, community resources and discharge planning.

Construction on the $2.4 million dollar expansion will begin this spring with a target opening at the end of this year or the beginning of 2013. Skyline Madison Campus is part of TriStar Behavioral Health Services where you have one call to access emergency psychiatric services including inpatient and outpatient psychiatric care for adolescents through seniors. Call 1-877-342-1450 for more information.