TriStar Portland ER, sister facility of TriStar Skyline Madison Behavioral Health Facility, and Sumner County EMS helped bring attention to a culture of mental health awareness by supporting filming of the music video for Grammy-winner and singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton for his recently released song Fire Away.

The message of this song is brought to life in a powerful video capturing a couple’s journey through changing mental health stages that ultimately result in the wife committing self-harm and requiring an emergency medical response from EMS and emergency room staff.

“TriStar Health is proud to have played a small part in Chris Stapleton’s message in bringing awareness to this important topic in our community and across the country,” said Jill Howard, chief operating officer at TriStar Skyline Madison. “We hope this video allows individuals and their loved ones to have an open conversation and seek mental health treatment.”

Stapleton’s production team wanted the video to be as authentic as possible to truly capture the emotion and urgency conveyed about mental health in this song. They collaborated with TriStar Health staff and area first responders for guidance on what would happen during a real-life hospital emergency code. The crew set up in TriStar Portland ER’s trauma room that is specifically designed for paramedics to bring in a patient to expedite resuscitation or prepare for treatment. Filming lasted approximately five hours with footage captured of Sumner County EMS transporting the patient to the ambulance entrance, wheeling the patient in on a stretcher and receiving resuscitation in the trauma room.

This also where actor Ben Foster, who portrayed the husband in this video, is seen for the last time with his deceased wife. Foster graciously thanked the TriStar Health staff and Sumner County EMS first responders for the difference they make each and every day – saying what they do is “much harder than his job of portraying it in film.”

TriStar Health, the region’s largest healthcare provider, offers behavioral health services for seniors, adults and adolescents at its TriStar Skyline Madison and TriStar Centennial Parthenon Pavilion facility. Tristar Health ERs are prepared to support behavioral health patients, should they arrive for care.

If you need assistance with mental health, please call (877) 342-1450. Confidential assessments, consultation, support, information and referrals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are in a medical crisis and need critical care attention, please call 9-1-1 immediately.

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